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Profile summary of a techie

For some interesting programming projects, jump on to github/dnc77!

Computing skills

Skills in programming

C/C++, Java, PHP, Bash scripting, C#.NET, Visual Basic, ASM(if necessary)

Cross platform, multi-threaded, inter-process communication (C/C++), etc...

Interesting projects

Other general skills

Windows general troubleshooting

Unix troubleshooting (fdisk, ps, ls, top, kill, find, xargs, grep, cat, less, bash scripting etc...)

General networking (dns, ping, netstat, tracert, iptables, router/modem configuration, etc...)

Databases (mySQL, Microsoft SQL, etc...)

Version control systems: cvs/svn/mercurial/github/sourcesafe/...

Graphics editing (Gimp, Paint, Paint shop pro)